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How can I recycle my seasonal packaging waste?

Posted on: 3 Apr 2017 by: Ellgia Recycling Innovation

Easter holidays are traditionally a busy time for the hospitality, grocery and retail industries and this can create a lot of cardboard packaging waste.

Four top reasons to try food and glass recycling

Posted on: 2 Mar 2017 by: Ellgia Recycling Innovation

Food and glass recycling saves you money and benefits the environment by reducing your general waste.

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Six reasons to choose Ellgia Recycling

Posted on: 17 Jan 2017 by: Ellgia Recycling Innovation

You may not have heard of Ellgia Recycling yet, but we have been running an innovative and cost effective waste handling and recycling service in the East of England for more than five years.

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Ellgia is investing in long term relationships

Posted on: 13 Dec 2016 by: Ellgia Recycling Innovation

At Ellgia Recycling we invest in long term relationships with our suppliers as we know mutual respect and understanding always create the best possible business outcomes.

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